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Co Bold Headline | Objektiv Bold Subhead | Objektiv Regular Body

Co from Dalton Maag started with the softening of harsh geometry. The rounded terminals on the ascenders and the perfectly straight descender terminals indicate that there’s a lot more to this font family than obvious circular, geometric forms. Co Headline embraces its circles to create an eye-catching design.

Objektiv takes a new look at geometry. What at first glance appears to have been drawn by a compass has in fact been adjusted to account for the way that we perceive the world. The proportions of the characters have not been dictated by geometry and mathematics, but by their harmony with one another, and by what our eyes judge to be right.

Color Palette


hex: #2f231f
cmyk: 0, 16, 16, 96
rgb: 47, 35, 31


hex: #f99b25
cmyk: 0, 46, 96, 0
rgb: 249, 155, 37


hex: #febc18
cmyk: 0, 28, 98, 0
rgb: 254, 188, 24


hex: #f99b25
cmyk: 0, 46, 96, 0
rgb: 249, 155, 37

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